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Show at Heirloom in Athens, Georgia

Opening this Wednesday, April 6th, I will have two paintings in a group show of smaller works at Heirloom Café, the classy, locally-grown, organic eatery here in Athens, Georgia. Curated by Heirloom’s Jen Holt, we’ve titled the show Four Corners as tribute to our graduating class of 2016 MFA painters: Heather Foster, Drema Montgomery, Spence Townsend, and myself.

Heather, Drema, Spence, and I have been through the same seminars, the long discussions, the critiques, the lectures; we’ve written similar papers, and we’ve studied art history together. Our studios are arranged along the same hallway, and not a day goes by without a shoutout, a visit, or an informal critique. We all share a proclivity towards animal imagery, storytelling, and dreamy worlds that reflect as much on the outer as on the inner. Our work, invariably, has had influence each on the other. We've been in too many shows together now to count, so here’s to one more in a list of many more to come! The show is a complement to the larger and formal MFA thesis exhibition that opens this Friday at the Georgia Museum of Art.


Four Corners | Heirloom Café

April 6-May 1, Reception this Wednesday, April 6th from 8-9 pm

Corner of Chase and Boulevard, Athens, Georgia

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