Introducing a New Line of Bird Portrait Stationery


Available in 5 x 7" folded notecards and 4.25 x 5.5" postcards, these elegant images are printed on 100# cardstock in brilliant color.  They feature a glossy front and a matte interior/back that is the perfect surface for writing.  A short text on the back describes each bird.  Notecards come with envelopes individually packaged in clear cellophane.  Suggested retail prices:  $3.95 - $5.95 for notecards and $1.75 for postcards.  Shipping is included in all wholesale orders.  Email me to place an order.

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Hunting Heron

The Green Heron is a shy bird that nests and hunts in the waterways of the Eastern United States. Herons use their long toes to flush frogs and other prey from the murky depths. This interpretation of the bejeweled bird fiercely stalks his underwater prey.